My First Post

Welcome to Hosh MMA! (working title for now)

I’ve been thinking about posting my thoughts about mixed martial arts for some time now, but I’ve been far too lazy to actually make anything happen. It could be that I’m so used to procrastinating that this rather unsavory trait has planted itself even into my actual interests. Nevertheless, I’m going to use this at my outlet to express my thoughts, opinions, and occasional insights.

I am no expert, and I casually practice boxing and Muay Thai, but my goal is to expose myself to different martial arts, increase my knowledge of each, and incorporate my learnings into my writing. Hopefully, I’ll have enough readers that can enjoy my posts while also providing feedback to help me improve the content.

So again, welcome to Hosh MMA, a blog for MMA fans, budding enthusiasts, and people who just like to read something that they haven’t before. I look forward to your responses!

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